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A woman with many talents, a woman with dreams, a woman that loves women. That is Aggeliki Dimitrakopoulou.

A woman that after many years at the theatrical stages and on screen, in a difficult turn of life, she decided to create clothes and accessories. With her own hands, with hard work and persistence, but with a specific and recognized point of view. The leather and fabrics (silk, satin, linen, crepe) that she uses are of very high quality and are carefully selected in order to perfectly attribute each design and to designate the figure in the best possible way.

The minimalism, the substantial simplicity, the usability, the profound elegance, define the dresses, skirts, coats, shirts, tops, trousers and overalls.

Asymmetries and geometry but also {supplanted?} lines that flatter each body, we find in selected few pieces, each one of them unique.

Aggeliki designs, cuts, sews and produces by hand on her own along with selected associates. A dynamic and strong element of each collection, the bags-shoulder, backpacks, mail bags, waist/smaller or bigger ones, literally unique, with original lines, so much so comfortable and practical. Sharp design and smart unexpected variants, play with strictness and femininity in an exceptionally personal way. A way that Aggeliki has and allows each and every woman to develop her own.

Her color palette is absolutely chic and elegant, either strictly in white-black-grey shades either it moves to more vivid colorful choices that always bring this elegant politeness of the creator herself.

Aside to all that, we find handmade belts, jewelries and wallets, always leather made and original.

In the end Mummy’s Boyfriend is not a shop. It’s not a workshop. It’s not a home. It combines all these in a hospitable space where you can drink a coffee or taste a chocolate while creations are being made and you dress up with your new acquisitions, dancing in front of the mirror under the sounds of the beautiful music that is always being heard.

Mia Kollia,


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